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Festival Mná

Celebrating Nollaig Na mBan
January 4th 2025 |Westmeath


Festival Mná

Festival Mná – Women’s Holistic Festival in Ireland is a vibrant and empowering event that brings women together to connect, rejuvenate, and celebrate in a nurturing and holistic environment.

This unique festival offers a diverse range of holistic modalities, from yoga and meditation to wellness workshops and alternative 1:1 therapies, providing attendees with the tools to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

At the heart of the festival lies the largest women’s circle in Ireland, where participants can share stories, wisdom, and support, fostering a sense of sisterhood and unity with 3 generations of women gathering in thd heart of Ireland.

With a focus on fun,connection & Wellbeing this festival creates a space for women to explore their inner selves, connections, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose to what NOLLAIG NA MBAN means in the modern day world as women of Ireland.

It’s a truly transformative experience that celebrates the strength and resilience of women while embracing the power of Celtic Traditions.

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Get new year ready with the Festival Mná experience, wrap up, grab your girl friends, daughters, cousins, aunties and celebrate you!!

We are so excited to bring you all back for another year of empowering the divine woman in you!

Our website will be a fantastic source of information in the lead up to the big day! We know there is lots of classes on and it can be quite overwhelming for first time Mná attenders so make sure to visit here to stay updated. 

We will constantly update our Festival Mná Instagram with facilitators, vendors, competitions, discounts and more…. So make sure to follow us! 

Irelands only women's festival

Take a look back at our amazing January Festival Celebrating Nollaig Mná and our Summer Festival in July.


At Festival Mná we want to create a magical healing experience felt by the holistic practices on the day.

At Festival Mná we want to encourage all women, especially 3 generations of women to gather together for this historical event.

At Festival Mná we want you to experience that deep connection and empowerment that is felt so strongly when women come together to support ,hold and embrace being women in Ireland today.

We are stronger together.

Festival Mná supporting women of all generation, ethnicity and stage of their journey as a woman.


At Festival Mná we aim to reconnect everyone to this sacred land through our hearts , by giving back to the land and nurturing the feminine energy within ourselves and with each other. 

Join all the other amazing woman attending the festival in Circle, hand in hand with Lorraine Hogan and feel supported, empowered, safe, enriched and experience so much more!

Connect to yourself by connecting with others and our land.


Celebrating love, respect, and admiration – as we are each others’ greatest sources of inspiration.

The unity of Women standing together in the biggest women’s circle in the heart of Ireland is going to be a powerful celebration.


The answers to the most common questions we get..

There is limited parking on the ground of Dun na Sí – however additional parking is available at Moate Business College which is a 5-7 minute walk. There is also on-street parking available on Moate village with a 10 min walk. A free Shuttle Bus Service will run on the day.

No this event is strictly an alcohol free event.

This is a women’s only space however we cannot discriminate against men if they feel called to attend.

We have a car-pooling post on Instagram where you can offer or ask for a lift to the event. Follow @festivalmna for more information We also offer a carpool discount on tickets too!

Every attendee will receive an email with a checklist of what to bring along with a map & itinerary of the day.

Yes. This is an outdoor event – Keep an eye on the weather.

On the Itinerary that attendee’s receive – classes are color coded. The key will explain clearly which classes are within your ticket price and which ones are not.

The Main Tents are all within your ticket price- Meaning you have over 20 classes to choose from already.

More personal experiences such as Cacao Ceremonies, Blue Lotus, Tattoo’s, Reiki, Card Readings are additional.

Ticketholders will receive a link via Eventbrite email to book their slot. All treatments are individually priced. 

Please note: The additional treatments are very limited and book out usually within 24 hours of launching so first come first served!


Dún Na Sí Amenity & Heritage ParkLake Road, Moate, Westmeath, N37 P271


Grainne Og