Mná Meet-Ups

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What are Mná Meet Ups?

Mná Meet-Ups are a mini retreats organised by Festival Mná Team, These special retreats are inspired by Irish Goddesses such as Sile na Gig, Boann and Bridget. 

Any one can come to a meet up

Anyone can join the Festival Mná energy, you don’t have to have attended the festival to join the fun! 

Goddess Bridget

This year, our second year of running Mná Meet up in Celebration of Goddess Bridget was held in Pheonix Park where we invited
Rita O'Loughlin of My Brat Brid to show us how to create our very own family tradition of healing.
We had yoga with Lorraine Hogan, Drumming with Siobhán ni Mhuiri & Bridgets Song with Jenny Doyle.
We harnessed the energy of love, protection & healing with our Matron saint of Ireland.
We asked for guidance for the year ahead for her cloak to embrace us with her healing energy should we need it.

Síle na Gig

Síle na Gig was a revered energy in pagan Ireland and was celebrated the day after St.Patricks Day on the 18th March.
We have celebrated this wonderful powerful goddess of heaven and earth, the giver of life and protector of realms.
Harnessing her energy empowers our divine sensual feminine tendencies that have been suppressed through generations.
We engaged in a Síle na Gig activation with Aisling Browne, flowed with some yoga flow with Lorraine Hogan & enjoy some cacao in rain as the fairies mischief was alive and well with our technology on the scenic & powerful Hill of Tara.